A Future with Disease Modifying Drugs not just Symptom Modifying

A Future With No Pain?

In the words of George Carlin “My Philosphy? No pain, no pain” Those of us living with chronic pain would love to have a “no pain, no pain” kind of a future, but is this possible? According to Dr. Elliot Krane “The future holds the promise that new drugs will be developed that are not symptom modifying drugs, that simply mask the problem as we have now, but there will be disease modifying drugs that will actually go right to the root of the problem” attacking issues such as chronic pain.”  WOW! Does this mean that there is there indeed hope for those of us who suffer with chronic pain conditions such as Ankylosing Spondylitis & Fibromyalgia, as well as other chronic pain disease?  There does currently exist (DMARDs) diseases modifying antirheumatic drugs or biologics, but the potential side effects are numerous. The idea of a future with better performing (DMAs) is something that definitely provides food for thought, especially for those of us who choose not to take drugs for our chronic health conditions, simply because they tend to do nothing more than mask symptoms and often with severe side effects. Here’s to the future of research!

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