Rainbow Fruit Kabobs (Low-Starch Friendly)

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

A Beautiful Fruit Platter for Any Occasion. No Cooking Involved! Fun, Simple, Easy & Healthy.

The idea of a “Rainbow Fruit Kabob” is to select fruit that matches the colors of the rainbow using low-starch options:

RED: Strawberries, Raspberries, Watermelon (or) Cherries

ORANGE: Oranges, Tangerines (or) Mangos (ripened naturally for lower starch) (or) Cantaloupe (higher starch)

YELLOW: Yellow Watermelon/Santa Claus Melon (or) Pineapple (ripened naturally not picked early & cold stored) (or) sliced & peeled Peaches (higher starch)

GREEN: Kiwi, Green Grapes, Honeydew Melon

BLUE: Blueberries, Blackberries

PURPLE: Grapes

Press onto your “Wooden Kabob Skewers” either 1 piece of each fruit to have more of the skewer showing, or double up to cover the skewer completely.  Chill, Serve & Enjoy!

TIP 1: Your kabobs can be made up to 12 hours in advance. When doubling the fruit on your kabob, keep in mind that the fruit on the ends might collapse under the weight of kabob. How much fruit you use depends on how long your kabobs will sit prior to eating.

TIP 2: When pealing oranges use an extra sharp knife to cut into small/medium triangle shapes. The pith of the orange is packed full of Bioflavonoids, Antioxidant and Vitamin C, but it’s not the most attractive on a platter.  One way to get the best of both worlds is to peel away the pith from the sides of the orange pieces that are most visible, perhaps leaving some pith on the bottom, hidden portion.

TIP 3: If you’re not growing your own produce, be sure to visit & support your local Farm Stands or Farmer’s Markets for fruit picked at their appropriate times, or visit “pick your own” farms. Organic, Non-GMO foods are best, because it limits our exposure to harmful chemicals. If there are no Farm Stands or Farmer’s Markets in your area, consider Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or a local health food store. A last resort would be the organic food section of your local market, but be mindful that there is the risk of chemical cross contamination, due to shipping methods. Also note that supermarket fruit & veggies are picked long before they are ripe, then shipped in freezers and often from other countries.  This method deprives the fruit & us of valued nutrients. Whenever possible buy local and be sure to keep a good chemical free fruit & veggie wash on hand to rid your fruit of waxes, chemicals and surface pesticides. Environné is a great brand @ approx $3.99 per 16 oz bottle, at your local Trader Joe’s (or) Rebel Green which is Kosher Certified, sold for $5.99 per 16oz bottle at Whole Foods.

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