Can Where We Live Geographically Effect Our Health & Certain Conditions?

Have you ever considered how where you live geographically impacts your health?  This is definitely food for thought as we consider geographic locations and its impact on specific conditions.  Its long been my theory that living farthest away from the equator, thus depleting levels of Vitamin D, has an effect on symptoms of certain diseases such as Ankylosing Spondylitis.  I plan to expand upon this idea in future articles, but I came to this conclusion after moving from the West Coast to East Coast and seeing my AS come out remission, in addition to seeing symptoms of my AS & Fibro advance.

I think it’s common knowledge that our environment has a direct impact on our overall health.  Perhaps its not too far fetch to consider the idea, that the state I currently reside in, might have its own environmental triggers, or perhaps its simply the climate. Either way its something to consider and how this knowledge could effect our futures decisions.  It’s very exciting when considering the idea of place history and how our doctors might use this information when treating us, or how we might use this information when deciding on which jobs to take, or where we might live permanently or choose to begin families. It would be great to see doctors inquiring about this information on future health questionnaires, as this would be a step toward gathering useful information, that could potentially help both us and our doctors.   Jack Lord MD got the ball rolling on this line of thinking nearly 10 years ago via the “Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care” project. Now there is an answer  to the question of  “how environment impact our personal health” through the collection of data via Geomedicine software.

Geomedicine produces a new type of medical intelligence that leverages national spatial data infrastructures to benefit personal human health and improve the quality of the care medical professionals deliver. View the talk below given by Bill Davenhall Global Marketing Manager, Health and Human Services Sow lutions of ESRI.  This is certainly an interesting way of viewing our health, as well as many chronic health conditions.


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