WEGO Health’s Featured Health Activists for January

The Positive Pear: Award Nominee & Featured Health Activists for January

Story by: Amanda

Re-blogged from the WEGO Health Blog Post: The Positive Pear is dedicated to holistic health and healthy living.  As someone who lives with AS, Fibromyalgia and CFIDS and advocates for invisible illness (and chronic happiness!:) The Positive Pear has a integrated approach to sharing health living tips and raising awareness for alternative types of care. Another Health Activist we got the opportunity to meet through the Health Activist Awards, The Positive Pear lives up to their name and brings positivity along with facts and support. Thanks for being so inspirational! We are looking forward to learning more about what you do and your community in 2012!

Nominated for (4) Health Activist Awards

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It is very exciting to be one of three featured Health Advocates/Activists in WEGO Health’s “Health Activist Blog for January,” along with the “RA Chicks” & “Oh My Aches & Pains Blog

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