Stay Positive…It’s Your Right To Be Free + You Deserve to Be Happy.

We are inundated with negativity. Negativity has not only become the norm but also an epidemic and the media supplies a steady flood of it quite regularly. We all experience the negative effects of things that impact our lives or the world around us.  The economy, gas prices, food prices, world hunger, famine, war, sickness, chronic illness, disasters, human trafficking, child slavery, crime, murder, stress, anxiety.  When we look at it as a whole it appears that our world in turmoil and as a result people are angry and sometimes full or rage. Good manners, customer service and appreciation are quickly becoming things of the past. It’s becoming less about people and relationships and more about going through the motions.  Common business transactions have become just that. People no longer take pride in their jobs, or concern themselves with a job well done.  They take your money without even making eye contact or saying thank you. Many have a blatant disregard for common courtesy and could care less about pleasantries. There are aggressive drivers and road rage. Parents bringing harm to children, so their own children can get ahead. People are hurting and they’re feeling guarded. Many are suffering either physically or emotionally. In a world where we once had a strong sense of pride, people lack of self-worth, have low self-esteem and have no hope. One person feels badly about themselves and they attempt to drag others down with them, so the negativity spreads. When we continuously encounter rude behavior, confrontation, judgement and negativity, we can easily become desensitized. We can easily slip into a frame of mind where we can begin to feel defensive wanting to match the negativity around us and to what avail? Should we remain in this cycle of negativity or do we become the change that we’d like to see in the world around us?   We can not change other people and their ways of thinking, but we can change our attitudes toward the negativity that we encounter. It helps when we are able to focus on what’s right in our own lives and on the many ways that we can “be positive” and on the many ways in which we can remain positive.  In spite of the awful things that are going on around us. Being positive does not come at this risk of ignoring the realities of life, or our own personal struggles.  Taking on this positive frame of mind is actually a way of giving ourselves hope.  Allowing us the opportunity to find enjoyment in life and perhaps sharing some of that joy with others, so be positive, remain hopeful….stay positive!  It’s your right to be free & you deserve to be happy!!

One thought on “Stay Positive…It’s Your Right To Be Free + You Deserve to Be Happy.

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