Welcome to “The Positive Pear” where in spite of living with invisible chronic illness, we strive to live a life that is “chronically happy, healthy, fit & fab.”

The name is a direct reflection of what we work hard to achieve: “Positive” a positive mental attitude and “Pear” one of several anti-inflammatory fruit, which represents the importance of healthy eating & proper nutrition, natural pain management & natural stress management techniques & improved mental health through positive thinking and daily exercise.

“The Positive Pear” was created to offer support, knowledge and encouragement to all, but especially to those living with invisible chronic illnesses such as Ankylosing Spondilitis, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Immune and Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS/CFS/ME), while also driving awareness of this autoimmune disease & two chronic syndromes.  As someone whose lived with Ankylosing Spondilitis since childhood and the symptoms of Fibromyalgia & CFS/CFIDS/ME for many years, I’ve learned that as much as these are physical conditions, that our mental, emotional and physical well-being, collectively have a direct impact on our health.  Staying healthy and being happy is a result of a lifestyle that incorporates all facets of health, hence the term “holistic” meaning whole body.  The Positive Pear is a great resource for “Holistic Health & Whole Body Wellness” with a  focus on empowerment and ways of taking a synergistic approach to healing, while incorporating a focus on the mind-body connection and self awareness. Each post is apart of The Positive Pear’s “whole body” approach to a healthy lifestyle, which is divided into four categories: Positive Mental AttitudeHealthy Nutrition: with an emphasis on educating readers about “healthy foods & their natural anti-inflammatory properties and the multitude of healing benefits” Exercise & Symptom Management: through Alternative Therapies & Natural Supplements.

Anyone living with chronic pain and inflammation, in need of a positive mental boost, in search of nutritional, gluten-free, diary-free, low-starch & low-sodium recipes, wanting to add more organic real food, whole foods & superfoods to their diets, or anyone simply needing a little motivation and tips on exercise will find that there is much helpful information here on “The Positive Pear”

(The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should in no way substitute sound medical advice. We value natural remedies, clean healthy living and alternative medicine, but we also value to the importance of the medical community. If you are sick or think that you might have a chronic health condition, it is imperative that you seek an evaluation from a medical professional, educate yourself about your condition, any and all supplements and/or medications and make informed decisions about your health)

Written work provided via this website is licensed & protected. Any and all information may be shared with full credit being given to the “The Positive Pear” minus quotes which we do not own the rights to.  Please feel free to contact us directly with questions or concerns regarding any information provided via this blog/website…. EMAIL: thepositivepear@gmail.com Thank You!!

The Positive Pear Blog Holistic Health & Whole Body Wellness

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  2. I just love your blog & Facebook page. The information here is so informative and of course very positive. I’m so happy to have found you positive pear.:]

  3. Just found your site. Also just starting to learn about CFIDS/ME. I have been fighting various symptoms for years but Drs never find a cause. It is not like you can give up but one sure feels like giving up sometimes, very discouraged. No support or understanding and at times abuse from others (although I don’t think they realize they are abusive, crushing your spirit). I’m going to spend more time reveiving your site when I can. Thanks for the effort.

    • Hi Roxie~

      I’m so glad that you found The Positive Pear!! Awareness is crucial with chronic conditions and especially with CF/CFIDS/ME. I too battled symptoms of this condition for many years before realizing that I had something which was completely separate from the chronic disease that I also have. As in your case my doctors were also not incredibly helpful in diagnosing this chronic condition or in my case distinguishing the differences in the multitude of symptoms. It helps if we first understand what’s happening within our own bodies, then we can easily articulate what we’re experiencing to our doctors, while potentially putting them on the correct path for diagnosis. As you mentioned, support is incredibly important and it’s so refreshing to find people who share our experiences. These symptoms are at times completely debilitating, but there are very successful ways in which to manage them naturally. This is great and it gives us hope and real solutions, because many of these symptoms can not be managed via medications. I post helpful information on diet, exercise, supplements, stress management and an overall lifestyle helpful to CF/CFIDS/ME sufferers. Please feel free to come back and visit anytime 🙂

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  7. waw ,in my desperation i found this page ,i have not even insished reading about your info about ginger and its uses especially with my fibromyalgia pain but i already feel positive energy .God bless

  8. Hi TPP,

    I am new to the site, so I apologize if this post is redundant. I have been managing my AS for two years with acupuncture and exercise; however, since my baby arrived in June, I have consistent mild – moderate spine pain at night. I eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet a month ago, for the last several days have stopped eating grains, and I am considering removing starch as well (I ordered the IBS-Low Starch cookbook). I am a big fan of Sally Fallon’s (Nourishing Traditions/Westin A Price Foundation) philosophy regarding gut healing and am trying to incorporate the plethora of advice out there into my daily life. TPP is one of the few sites out there that directly speaks on AS (thank you!).

    I know it is different for everyone, but I’m just wondering how long it took you (or others) to see a noticeable difference between their diet and AS. My goal is to be gluten free, etc for 4-6 months to allow time for gut healing. I have been trying not to take any NSAIDs, so that 1) I can allow for gut healing and 2) I can objectively evaluate any changes in pain, etc. This makes some nights fairly unpleasant (the whole “even though it’s 445a, I’d rather just get up than lay here one more minute” feeling).

    Anyhow, I am very open-minded and optimistic about diet change and pain reduction; however, I’m just hoping a notice a change sooner than later.

    Appreciate the community’s thoughts,
    The Persnickety Pickle 🙂

    • Hello Ashley~

      Thank you so much for your question. I’m always so excited to hear of other ASers who are taking control of their health via diet. In answer to your question, I noticed a difference in the way that I felt immediately..within 24 hours or so. I must also clarify that the instant gratification of reducing simple carbs & starches applied to my stomach issues. I also noticed an immediate reduction in morning stiffness. However, the issues with pain and AS are quite tricky as I’m know you’ve aware. There are many factors which contribute to pain. The amount of daily exercise we engage in, our stress levels, the amount of inflammation that we experience and so on. Often times ASers on a quest to beat symptoms of AS via diet forget that the pain and inflammation must still be controlled and this unfortunately can no be controlled with diet alone. I personally must take daily herbal supplements to fight occasional pain and the ever constant chronic inflammation. I do this with Ginger root capsules and I currently take 4 grams daily, whether the pain exists or not. My daily consumption of herbs to control pain of course varies depending upon my current lifestyle and my level of physical activity. Ginger root has incredible healing benefits which I share in this article: https://thepositivepear.com/2012/01/17/the-healing-power-of-ginger-root/. I also take other supplements which I’ll soon write about. It is wonderful that you’re taking a more natural approach to managing your AS and remember that a “holistic” (whole body) approach is what makes us successful. I apologize for my delay in responding, 2013 has been quite eventful thus far and I haven’t had as much time to post & catch up as I’d like. Please stop by again and tell me how you’re doing now.

      Healing hugs!!


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