The Positive Pear’s Juicer & Recommendations:

Many of you have asked for recommendations on both juicers & blenders and here they are:


Blender recommendation is any of the Vitamix blenders. Vitamix has been in kitchens for over 62 years, providing reliable products and great customer service. You can purchase one of the latest models, or decide between one or two of the order models via Amazon.  You can also purchase directly from the Vitamix website, even taking advantage of their 3-payment plan.  I was first introduced to this blender at a live demonstration many years ago in Portland.  Since I traveled for work in those days, spending more time on planes and in hotel rooms than I ever did at home, I was impressed by the fact that you could make an entire meal in this blender.  This meant I could shop for fresh ingredients upon arriving at my destination and have healthier meals, such as smoothies, warm soups and whole food juices rather than eating at the local Outback or the hotel restaurant.  I purchased my Vitamix blender 12 years ago, never replacing a single part and it has never failed me, even after being shipped around the country for many years.  It works just as well today as it did the first day that I received it.  Why Vitamix? The speed and tremendous force of the stainless steel blades which travel at 240 mph, means its quick and powerful.  Its ability to liquify fruits and vegetables in seconds, while exposing the food to minimal heat helps to preserve very important vitamins, minerals and enzymes needed for good health and healing. My Vitamix was my food processor, blender & juicer for many years until I finally invested in those items. The Vitamix can do the work of 10 different kitchen appliances and over 50 different kitchen processes—without any attachments, so my Vitamix is still used quite often.

Vitamix purchase came with:

64-ounce BPA-free container

Plastic plunger

Wooden plunger



Vitamix online , Vitamix 3 Payment Plan & Vitamix on Amazon other high-powered blenders


Juicer recommendation is any of the Green Power Gold juicers by Green Star.  I researched juicers for 6 months prior to purchasing and decided that the Green Star would be the best for many reasons. Its a uniquely engineered triturating  juice extractor which grates, masticates and presses.  A masticating juicer, means the gears act as teeth chewing the pulp, the Green Power juicers also grates into a fine powder, while mechanically pressing and squeezing the pulp to extract the juice.  Making it the best for juicing greens such as kale, spinach & wheat grass as well as fibrous vegetables like celery & carrots, while never jamming or clogging.  It also gives you the most juice from your fruit & vegetables, while producing minimal heat (at 110 rpm) delaying oxidation thus allowing you to drink your juice at your convenience. (not a feature of all juicers)  The Greenstar juicers are also versatile, so not only can I juice greens, I can  juice just about anything, from citrus to herbs.  I can even make ice cream from frozen bananas by alternating screens & knobs. Since I juice for  health & healing, it was incredibly important for to preserve vital nutrients such as enzymes, vitamins & minerals.  What impresses me most with Green Star is the “Magnetic & Bioceramic” technology &  “Far Infrared Waves” (natural frequency of water) which allows the juicer to extract more minerals and enzymes keeping them fully in tact for longer periods of time.  A very important detail when compared to some less expensive juicers on the market.  Once fruits and vegetables are juiced, when using many other juicers, it is important to drink them immediately before valuable nutrients are lost, with the Green Star juicers you have several hours or even days before oxidation kicks in. This gives those with busy schedules the opportunity to juice in advance, while reaping the benefits before having to repeat the juicing process all over again.

I have the the “Green Power Gold GP-E1503” which was around $499 + S & H when I made my purchase 6 years ago and the price hasn’t changed.  A good juicer and less expensive option is the “Solo Star II Juicer” by Tribest $210 + S&H.

Juicer came with:

(Juicer & two Matching gears)

Fruit Outlet Adjusting Knob

Soft Fruit Knob (for soft fruits such as pears, peaches, apples & frozen bananas)

Homogenizing blank

Fine Screen (for veggies)

Coarse Screen (for fruit)

Plastic Plunger

Wooden Plunger

Glass Juice Cup

Drip tray

Drink strainer

Cleansing brush

Instruction Manual

The Green Power Gold GP-E1503 on Amazon $499, Tribest Solo Star II Juicer on Amazon $210 (least expensive I’ve seen) Other inexpensive juicers but masticating only: “here” $229-299. Omega juicers also on Amazon. The Omega is a very good brand. (be sure to also check your local stores for price comparison)

The big question now is whether you’ll need both appliances and the answer is no.  The Vitamix gives you the ability to have whole food juices just as the juicer does.  However, the Vitamix juice includes both the juice and pulp, not only giving you additional nutrients but making you fuller.  The juicer removes the pulp giving you access to more juice without the added burden of breaking down and digesting.  If you want juice without pulp using the Vitamix, simply strain your juice and one very important note: you must also add water.  I look it at this way, when I simply want to add more whole foods to my diet or I’m short on time I’ll use the Vitamix.  When working on giving my digestive system a break, which allows my body to focus more on healing, I use my juicer which gives me a lot more fresh juice with no added water.

One of our very popular juice recipes to get you started, more recipes are being added. “Kale, Cucumber, Lemon & Ginger Fresh Juice Recipe”  Be sure to check our article on  the healing benefits of juicing entitled “Can Juicing Cure Disease”

Apple, Beet, Strawberry & Ginger Fresh Juice Recipe

Beets are high in antioxidants and offer anti-inflammatory properties and detoxifying benefits. A natural blood purifier beets also help to eliminate kidney stones, cleanse the intestines, liver and gallbladder. While offering great healing support for the eyes, by fighting off age-related eye problems that involve the macula and retina. Betalain is what gives beets their beautiful aubergine color, it’s also the phytonutrient responsible for the many healing effects. Unfortunately much of betalain is lost when cooking, so its great to add raw beets to a fresh juice mix at least once a week. Because of its great detoxifying abilities, first time drinkers should begin with small amounts until their bodies have adjusted. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day after having this juice.


2 large organic Apples
1 small organic Beet root
6 large organic Strawberries
6 Parsley sprigs
1/2-inch Ginger Root


This is a juicer recipe, unfortunately this mixture would not do well in a blender. If you have a juicer which separates the pulp from the juice, then cut all into juicer friendly sizes. If not, then peel the apples,beet & ginger and remove the stems from the strawberries . Enjoy!

Kale, Cucumber, Lemon & Fresh Juice Recipe

A Great Anti-Inflammatory Green Drink & My Absolute Favorite:

Kale, Cucumber, Lemon & Ginger Recipe:

6-8 clean Kale leaves (any variety)

1 to 2 organic English Cucumbers

1 Lemon

1 bunch of Parsley

1 inch of Ginger Root

1 cup of Water for blender only

If you do not have a juicer that separates the pulp from the juice, then peel all fruit and remove seeds from lemon.  When using a juicer, start with Kale, followed by the remainder of ingredients, strain using a drink strainer & drink. Or combine all ingredients in the blender, in which case you’ll want to make sure that you’ve pealed your cucumbers, ginger and lemon, also removing seeds. (Note: high powered blenders work best for liquefying ingredients) Once blended if your mixture is too thick, simply add water.  You can drink both the pulp and the juice or strain, drink and enjoy.

Purchasing tip: purchase local and organic whenever possible, especially when eating for the purpose of healing or controlling inflammation.

Juice, drink & enjoy!!

Be sure to check “The Positive Pear” article on  the healing benefits of juicing entitled “Can Juicing Cure Disease”

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Can Organic Juicing “Cure” Disease…Specifically Ankylosing Spondylitis?

Organic juicing can provide the most amazing healing benefits, including cleansing the body of free radicals and toxins, while offering anti-inflammatory benefits, and in the process stave off the effects of aging and degenerative diseases.  I juice regularly and I strongly believe in the healing power of fruits and vegetables. I’ve also been asked a number times if I believe that juicing itself, or if certain freeze-dried juices promoted by various companies can cure specific diseases such as cancer, arthritis and most recently AS.  In my humble opinion, the answer is “no” and here’s why.

“Cure” defined by Wikipedia, means: “the end of a medical condition; the substance or procedure that ends the medical condition, such as a medication, a surgical operation, a change in lifestyle, or even a philosophical mindset that helps a person suffer. It may also refer to the state of being healed, or cured.”  According to my definition, as someone living with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a cure would mean waking up to no further, pain, inflammation, fatigue or symptoms relating to AS, or any companion diseases falling under the category of spondyloarthropathies.  Although juicing can not cure auto-immune disease, the addition of juicing to one’s daily health regimen, combined with a healthy lifestyle can do wonders.

What exactly does juicing offer?

Juicing gives the body a well needed break from digestion, so energy can be directed toward healing. During this time your cells receive well needed recovery through the rejuvenation process of detoxifying and repairing themselves.  Juicing allows us the opportunity to load the body full of valuable nutrients, minerals & enzymes.  Enzymes are very special proteins found in a all living cells, which act as catalysts in the metabolic process.  They are indispensable and essential actions for the chemical reactions that make life possible and without them, life simply would not be. Enzymes are found in all living things, including humans, plants and animals.  When foods are cooked, the enzyme content is reduced considerably.  This is why it is important to consume  as many servings of fresh fruits and vegetables as possible.  Drinking freshly squeezed juices allows us this opportunity, without the burden of eating and digesting such large quantities of food.  Consuming minerals & enzymes offer amazing healing benefits and the most powerful way to multiply our intake of these powerful nutrients is to consume green drinks.  Green drinks consists of green leafy vegetables, often combined with certain fruits to make the drink more palate pleasing. Many green leafy vegetables also offer many anti-inflammatory benefits such as kale, spinach, swiss chard, collard greens & turnip greens. Many fruits also offer anti-inflammatory benefits such as: lemons, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries & kiwi.  The proper combinations of these fruits and vegetables are crucial in reaping the healing benefits of juicing, without doing harm to the body such as raising your blood sugar levels, or effecting symptoms of reactive arthritis such as IBS.

What you juice is just as important as what you eat.  How much you consume of certain foods, is just as important as what you consume of foods in their full form ie; a diabetic juicing fruit.  Combining  the proper foods when  juicing can yield amazing healing benefits for just about anyone.  However, juicing should be done so with caution for Gout sufferers, needing to avoid purine-rich foods & autoimmune arthritis & IBS sufferers choosing to refrain from consuming large amounts of sugars & starches.  Juicing can offer incredible healing benefits for many, especially those living with chronic inflammatory diseases such as Ankylosing Spondylitis.

What can juicing offer to those living with Ankylosing Spondylitis, and other inflammatory conditions?

In addition to newly found energy, a clearer complexion and mental clarity, juicing and drinking green leafy vegetables can offer amazing anti-inflammatory benefits.  Reducing inflammation without question has a positive impact on a the symptoms of Ankylosing Spondylisits, as well as other inflammatory conditions; such as eczema and asthma.  As someone who lives with AS, who has also used juicing for many years, I can attest to the positive impact that juicing  the proper combinations of foods can have on autoimmune arthritis related inflammation. The consumption of freshly squeezed green drinks, from vegetables high in anti-inflammatory properties reduces the inflammatory response of Ankylosing least in my case and it might also work for you.

When it comes to such beneficial remedies as juicing, it’s imperative to choose the proper terminology when describing its effects on specific conditions. In terms of healing, there is both physiological healing and wound healing.  Research has shown that both fruits and vegetables have physiological healing properties, so its safe to say that juicing offers the same healing benefits.  Consuming higher amounts of enzyme rich foods via juicing, without the burden of digestion can be instrumental in staving off degenerative, age related diseases contributing to inflammation, such as heart disease, along with certain types of cancer and osteoarthritis, as the foods these juices are derived from offer these very benefits.  However, once a person has a disease, especially an incurable autoimmune disease, going so far as to suggest juicing as stand alone cure, is a stretch.  Promoting juicing as a “cure” immediately puts it into the category of snake oil remedies, thus invalidating  the importance of  its use.

The Positive Pear recommends juicing daily with the proper food combinations. Buy Non-GMO, local and organic whenever possible, especially when eating for the purpose of healing or controlling inflammation.  Using lots of dark green leafy vegetables and when adding fruit, make sure its simply enough to lighten the flavor. If you’re on a Low-Starch Diet, be sure to remain true to the diet even when juicing or the symptoms that you’re eating to control might return. Focus on anti-inflammatory foods and you just might be successful in controlling your AS inflammation via juicing as I have. What do you have to lose? Give it a shot.

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Dr Oz on juicing, Dr Oz has his favorite juice daily. Definition of enzymes & healing according to Wikipedia.  Positive Pear Article: The Best Medicine for Stress is an Inner & Outer Smile regarding controlling stress & inflammation. Other Anti-Inflammatory Foods & Recipes here on The Positive Pear. Green leafy vegetables considered cancer fighting foods according to the American Institute for Cancer Research.

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