Those of us who live with chronic pain know all to well, just how real and debilitating this can be and as much as we’d like, we simply can not wish, think, walk, talk, breath, meditate, exercise or sleep it away.  Though when many of these methods are combined they can become very useful tools in managing symptoms, even chronic pain. We still need real, viable pain management solutions and for many that is achieved through the use of medications and for many others its by utilizing natural and holistic approaches to managing chronic pain. The Positive Pear is a health, wellness and fitness resource offering information on holistic health & whole body wellness for invisible chronic illness.  This includes natural pain management for Autoimmune Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis & Fibromyalgia.  Natural & alternative therapies are multifunctional and positively effect multiple body systems, which benefit many symptoms and conditions, including those not necessarily mentioned here.

Inflammation: Pain and inflammation go hand in glove and if we are successful in controlling inflammation, we can most often control our pain, that’s if they are connected as with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Certain conditions such as Autoimmune Arthritis are degenerative and progressive and the need to control inflammation becomes crucial to preserving bones, ligaments, tendons and mobility. The Positive Pear offers information on both natural pain management & natural anti-inflammatory remedies which are free of the side effects that often accompany medications. If however you are currently taking medication, then you can view the use of alternative medicine as complimentary therapy.  Knowledge is as powerful as it is equally empowering. Please feel free to check out the articles on this site to begin to harnessing the power of natural healing alternatives.  Click here to read our latest article  on natural pain management, “here” for our articles on natural food based supplements and “here” for articles on natural stress management techniques.

Here’s to many Chronically, Happy, Healthy, Fit & Fab pain free days ahead, with holistic health and natural chronic pain management.

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4 thoughts on “Pain/Inflammation

  1. My 14 year old son has been diagnosed with AS and he has been having lower back and hip pain. Just curious what you would recommend as far as exercises or any thing to help with his pain management?

    Ricki Light

    • Hello Ricki~

      So sorry to hear that your son has AS. However, the earlier the diagnoses the better. Its great that you are inquiring about exercise, being physically active is crucial to managing pain of AS. The types of exercise your son engages in depends on how active he is currently. If he isn’t very active, I would recommend that he begin with daily walks. Stretching is also important to maintaining flexibility locate a beginners yoga class, if he’s never done yoga before. Then after mastering the basics locate a mild heated yoga class. Teens are still not quite ready for regular Bikram or high heat classes. The mild heat will help to remove toxins from the body, as well as loosen the muscle allowing easier transition in each pose. Bone strengthening exercises are at the top of my list for AS sufferers: 1) Yoga, Strength training, Hiking, and Tai Chai, etc. Building muscle will help to relieve stress on the joints, thus reducing the pain. Thanks for inquiring and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. My blog is still very new, but I will post more on exercise relating to AS soon. Be sure to follow The Positive Pear for future updates.

      Sending warm healing thoughts!!

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