Real Food/Recipes

  1. Healthy,
  2. Organic & Non-GMO Foods
  3. Natural, Unprocessed Ingredients,
  4. Nutritionally Dense,
  5. High Vitamin Content,
  6. Low-Starch & Low-Carb
  7. Low-Fat & Low-Sodium
  8. Gluten-Free & Wheat Free
  9. Dairy -Free
  10. Nightshades Free
  11. Raw Vegan & Cooked Recipes
  12. Helpful in Controlling Inflammation

The food you eat is one of the important steps toward “holistic health & whole body wellness”:  There is great healing power in eating organic whole foods, real food (unprocessed) & superfoods!  There is also great healing benefits in meeting nutritional requirements for vitamins & minerals, as many are depleted with chronic inflammatory conditions. It is my goal to provide important information & recipes for a diet free of inflammatory culprits such as fat, starch, sugar, sodium, dairy,  gluten, and genetically modified foods in a single location.  This somewhat strict eating regimen will not appeal to everyone. However, for those who are on same journey The Positive Pear will make it easy to locate the information that is so desperately needed.   The recipes that are shared here are healthy, nutrient dense and tasty. As it is my goal to ensure that each recipe provides the most healing benefits, there might be a need for ingredients or supplies that you may or may not have or have heard of and if so, I’ll always suggest alternatives.  As well as suggestions for where you might find the “hard to locate” items.  Since you are eating with the goal of healing “eating for healing“, whenever possible, it is highly suggested that you buy local and/or organic produce which are free from chemicals that exacerbate symptoms. Farm stands & Farmer’s Markets are ideal during the summer & for the winter months use your local Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Wild Oats, and as a last resort the organic produce section of your local market or the absolute best which is to grow your own. Yes, purchasing “Organic” sounds expensive, but when you eliminating junk foods & process foods and begin to eat “Real Food” including fruits and vegetables, with lean,balanced amounts of protein (for non-vegans), it isn’t expensive at all. Click here to view current recipes & be sure to check out the TPP’s informative articles.

Nutritional, Gluten-Free, Diary-Free, Low-Starch & Inflammation Friendly Recipes

The Healing Power of Organic, Real Food, Super Foods & Whole Foods

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