The Positive Pear Nominated For Wego Health Activist Award!

How exciting! Wego Health is offering their first ever Health Activist Awards and “The Positive Pear” has been nominated. It’s touching that in such a short time, we’ve made such an a positive impact on one or more of our followers, to have received a few nominations in several categories.  I’m both excited & humbled to be among the many health activist and nominees. Thank you so much!

Nominated in four categories: Paperboy, Rookie of the Year, Health Activist Hero & Best Kept Secret Awards. The Positive Pear Blog is also the WEGO Health Featured Health Activist Blog for January 2012

PAPERBOY AWARD: The Health Activist who always brings you the latest and greatest news and research.
ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: The Health Activist who came on the scene in 2011 but has inspired the entire community.
HEALTH ACTIVIST HERO: Who has changed your life? Recognize the Health Activist who has made a significant impact on you.
BEST KEPT SECRET: Help us find the hidden gem of the Health Activist world – and share them.